Archaeological Illustration

Archaeological illustration is a technical method of recording and visualizing archaeological material. This technique uses particular conventions to reconstruct and highlight specific characteristics of an artifact. This allows further study to be done and for publication.

The following are projects I have worked on, and for which I have used this technique.

We are what makes us human- Open Past. February 2021

This project by Open Past provides free coloring pages around the theme of what makes us human – caring for and helping others. Various artists contributed to this project. My submissions focused on examples from Dutch history which showed humans caring for one another. All images can be viewed and downloaded at

Field Illustrator and Digital Illustration Coordinator at Tina Ross Archaeological Illustrations. 2014- 2019

During my time with this company, I learned the practice and parameters of technical drawing of archaeological material. This work was conducted in the field in the form of hand drawings under established conventions, and also at home where I inked drawings for publication using Adobe Creative Suite. Artifacts that I drew included pottery, small finds, lithics, and metal.

The following are projects in which I was involved during this position.

Field Illustrator

Greek-American Excavations at Koutsongila- Kenchreai and Kenchreai Cemetery Project (Greece) May- June 2017 & June 2018. Directed by Dr. Joe Rife Vanderbilt University, TN and the University of Maryland, MD.

Technical drawing of archaeological material dating to the Roman Period, highlighting shape and decoration of pottery and other small finds. Digital inking of illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.

The Caesarea City and Port Exploration Project (Israel) May – June 2018. Directed by Prof. Joe Rife and Prof. Philip Lieberman Vanderbilt University, TN, in partnership with the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Technical drawing of archaeological material dating to the Roman and Crusader Periods, highlighting shape and decoration of pottery and other small finds. Digital inking of illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.

Assistant Field Illustrator

Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project (EBAP). (Greece) June-July 2014, 2016, 2017. Directed by Dr. Brendan Burke, University of Victoria, BC and Dr. Bryan Burns, Wellesley College, MA

Participated in all aspects of fieldwork beginning in 2013, including object conversation, ceramic and faunal analysis, flotation, and database entry. In 2014, I began technical drawing and inking of artifacts dating to the Mycenaean, Archaic, Classical, and Medieval Periods.

Palace of Nestor Excavations (Pylos, Greece) July 2017. Directed by Dr. Sharon Stocker, University of Cincinnati, OH. Supervised by Tina Ross Archaeological Illustrations.

Technical drawing of ceramics and small finds dating to the Early Bronze Age and Mycenaean period. Digital inking of illustrations.

Malthi Mapping Project (Greece) October-November 2016 at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia. Directed by Dr. Michael Lindblom, the Swedish Institute at Athens.

Technical drawing of archaeological materials at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia. Experimenting with photogrammetry of ceramic vessels to find new ways of producing archaeological illustrations.

Assistant Digital Illustrator roles

Digital Illustrations of ceramics, small finds, and burials supervised by Tina Ross Archaeological Illustrations, for Ancient Methone, Mitrou Archaeological Project, Serraglio Eleona and Langada Archaeological Project (Kos), Livatho Valley Survey (Kephalonia), and Gordion: Roman Cemetery.

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