I offer services in the fields of 3D artifact modelling, archaeological illustration, and research and outreach. I travel extensively for field work and for lab work in museums and universities. If you are interested in making use of any of these services within your projects, feel free to contact me with your ideas.

3D Modelling

I have experience creating 3D models of artifacts through the use of photogrammetry, 3D laser scanning, and structured light scanning. With these tools, I can create detailed, high resolution models of artifacts for the purpose of accessibility, preservation and visualization. Depending on your project’s goal, we can discuss which method is right for the artifacts in question. I can also advise you on solutions for long- and short-term storage for the models and data. 

For examples of previous work I have completed, please view the 3D Modelling projects page or my blog. 


Archaeological illustration is a time honoured tradition, and still plays an important role in our technologically evolving field. This technique uses particular conventions to reconstruct and highlight specific characteristics of an artifact. These technical drawings can be used to document archaeology for further study and for publications. I am experienced in illustrating ceramic, bone, metal, lithic, and trench sections. All my drawings are digitally inked to be ready for publication.

For examples of works I have completed from various areas and periods, please visit the Archaeological Illustrations projects page.

Research & Outreach

My research experience is focused on improving accessibility to heritage, decolonizing archaeology, and working with stakeholder communities, while taking into consideration ethical and political implications for all parties. Depending on your project’s needs, I offer consultancy on these subjects, as well as report writing, editing and translating, and data analysis and presentation. 

For examples of previous research and outreach projects, please visit the Archaeological and Heritage Research Projects and Workshops and Lectures pages.