Workshops and Lectures

Alongside providing services in 2D and 3D visualizations, I also enjoy disseminating my research and knowledge in digital heritage. Listed below are the lectures I have been invited to give, as well as longer workshops I have provided to those wishing to learn more about this field.

Training session on 3D Laser Scanning for Students at Leiden University

ICS Summer School: 3D Imaging and Modelling for Classics and Cultural Heritage.

July 5-9 2021 (online) ; July 11-15 2022 (in person)

3D summer school participants 2022

This week long workshop invited guests with interest in using 3D within their research. Lectures were co-run with Dr. Gabriel Bodard (ICS), and provided the attendees with introductions and tutorials on photogrammetry using Agisoft Metashape, uploading their models to Sketchfab, building 3D models using Sketchup, postprocessing with Meshmixer, and 3D printing. Topics such as ethics and documentation were also discussed, and guest speakers were invited to attend.

Sunoikisis Digital Classics Seminars. January – March 2021

I co-organized these online seminars with Gabriel Bodard (University of London), Valeria Vitale (British Library), Andrea Wallace (University of Exeter). Each lecture included an introduction to the topic, a case study, and an exercise for the participants to complete. Sessions I was involved in teaching were 3D Imaging and Scanning, Publishing 3D models and Intellectual Property, and 3D Modelling.

Student Training Session – Universiteit Leiden, Faculty of Archaeology. October 2020

This day long training session provided students studying Material Culture on how to use the NextEngine Ultra HD Laser Scanner. They were also instructed on documentation and techniques for making their models accessible.

Workshop on Archaeological Illustrations- Pomona College. September 2020.

Guest lecture for Dr. Jody Valentine’s fall semester course “Archaeology and Society”. Demonstrations were given on how to draw archaeological ceramics and small finds, as well as a lecture on “Introduction to Archaeological Illustrations.”

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