3D Modelling Projects

Welcome to my page on past 3D modelling projects! Below you will find examples of items and collections I have digitally recorded. Each project has their own aims for 3D modelling artifacts, whether it is for increasing accessibility through online collections, or for studying traces on material that can be made visible through high resolution scanning. Many projects choose to visualize their models using the online platform Sketchfab; however, there are many other possibilities. Whatever your goal is, I am happy to discuss with you on how to best achieve this.

For more examples of 3D models I have created, you are welcome to scroll down or visit my Sketchfab collections.

3D Imaging- Limestone Quarry : April 2022

Municipality of Reimst, Belgium

Documentation of a underground limestone quarry with historical drawings dating to the 16th century. Area of 45m² was 3D imaged using photogrammetry.

3D ScanningHuman Bone : February – July 2022

Dr. Rachel Schats, Osteoarchaeology, Universiteit Leiden

3D scanning the human osteological collection at Leiden University’s Faculty of Archaeology. Items were scanned using the Artec3D Space Spider (Structure Light) Scanner. Models were then added to Sketchfab and Brightspace so that students may use them as reference material during their studies.

Models are not yet made open-access; pending ethical approval.

3D Scanning Lithics : March – June 2021

Prof. Dr. Soressi, Les Cottés excavations, Universiteit Leiden

3D scanning lithic artifacts uncovered during excavations of Les Cottés. Items were scanned using the Artec3D Space Spider (Structured Light) Scanner. Role also included database management and creation of 2D images.

Model are not yet made open-access.

3D ScanningGlass/Lithics : March – April 2020

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, DE

3D scanning of an experimental archaeological collection held at the Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania. Scanned using the Artec 3D Space Spider.

Models are not yet made open- access.

Student Assistant/ Research Assistant: October 2019 – February 2020, June 2020

“Innovating Teaching through 3D Scanning Technology” Pilot Project at Leiden University’s Faculty of Archaeology

Digital recreation of artifacts for the purpose of research and education. Laser scanning, structured light scanning & photogrammetry. Data entry. Models are not yet made open-access.

This project also gave me the opportunity to present my findings at the “Sharing Practices: Archaeological 3D visualization in the Netherlands” symposium. Proceedings from the presentation are forthcoming.

Digitization Contract: August 2019

Roman Society Museum and Heritage Summer Work Placement at the Hellenic and Roman Library- London, UK.

Creation of entire workflow for cataloguing artifacts in the library’s collection. Creating 3D models using photogrammetry, and 3D printed models. Models accessible online at:
https://sketchfab.com/harlehrenberg. Blog Post can be viewed at: https://blog.stoa.org/archives/3810

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