Resources and Events

This page is dedicated to online resources that I have created or collaborated on. Please feel free to use these resources and remember to cite the appropriate party when necessary.

Events that I host are also displayed on this page.

ICS Summer School 2021: 3D Imaging and Modelling for Classics and Cultural Heritage (Spots are now full- accepting names for waitlist)

Dates: July 5–9, 2021 (Delivered online; most activities asynchronous.)

Charge: £450 / £250 unwaged and unfunded

Tutors: Gabriel Bodard (ICS, London) & Alicia Walsh (Recollection Heritage)

The course will introduce you to issues, methods and technologies in the 3D imaging and modelling of ancient artefacts and buildings. Through a hybrid mix of discussion and practical training, you will learn about imaging of heritage objects.

You will have the opportunity to put into practice the method of photogrammetry, the production of a 3D model from multiple still photographs of an object. You will also gain experience with an easy-to-use 3D design tool, for creating reconstructions of lost historical buildings or monuments. Both sets of technologies will be presented within a theoretical and methodological framework, thinking about 3D modelling alongside best practice, preservation, ethical and legal issues.

Drawing on the expertise of the Institute of Classical Studies and nearby museums, this course is suitable for students, archaeologists, teachers and anyone else with an interest. We would love to hear if you had a project in mind that you would like to work towards, but all sessions will be accessible to complete beginners.

Photogrammetry Tutorial

This video was produced through SunoikisisDC in collaboration with Dr. Gabriel Bodard (Institute of Classical Studies) and Kelly McClinton (Indiana University). We give an introduction to 3D imaging, two case studies, and a tutorial on photogrammetry using Agisoft Metashape. Recommended readings and a practical exercise on photogrammetry can be found at

3D Printing & Publishing in 3D Tutorial

Session 7 of this Spring’s Sunoikisis Digital Cultural Heritage brought Thomas Flynn (Cultural Heritage Lead at Sketchfab) and Dr. Dinusha Mendis (Bournemouth University). We provided an overview on 3D printing, publishing 3D models online through Sketchfab, and the Intellectual Property implications of both. Recommended readings and practical exercise can be found at

3D Modelling and Blender Tutorial

The 9th and final session of SunoikisisDC 2021 was provided by myself, Dr. Gabriel Bodard (ICS), Dr. Chiara Piccoli (University of Amsterdam), and Vasiliki Lagari (Leiden University). We provided a general introduction to 3D modelling and its potentials for Archaeology and Heritage, followed by a case study on modelling a 17th century library in Amsterdam. V. Lagari provided us with a tutorial on converting 2D illustrations to 3D models using Blender. The exercise and recommended readings can be found at

Meshroom Photogrammetry Tutorial

Meshroom is a free and open access photogrammetry software that can be downloaded at In this tutorial, I show the basic workflow for processing a photogrammetric model, as well as using the decimate tool to simplify your model.

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